Software Integration and Packaging

  • Software packaging
    Need to provide software to your customers or for use in your organization?
    We package your software in easy to install, standards-compliant RPMs
  • SELinux policies
    Having issues running your software with SELinux?
    We’ll analyze your software and create a custom SELinux policy.
  • Third-party packages
    Does your software require additional open source libraries that are unavailable in the standard repos?
    We’ll go through the process to get them added and maintain them for you.
  • Backports
    Is your software written to run on the latest version of Linux, but your clients want it to run on an older distribution?
    We’ll do the analysis and determine how to support your software on these platforms.

Open Source Support

  • Feature requests
    Need a feature added to an open source project?
    We’ll work with the developers on your behalf to get features added.
  • Bug reports
    Need a bug fixed in an open source project?
    We’ll determine the root cause and work with the project maintainers to get it resolved.
  • New Projects
    Do you want to start an open source project?
    We can help you get started and work with you along the way.

Linux and Active Directory Integration

  • Centrify
    Need to deploy Centrify DirectControl or customize it to your needs?
    We have been working with Centrify DirectControl since 2006 and have done many projects integrating and expanding it’s capabilities.
  • Kerberos
    Are you looking to add Kerberos authentication to a service or troubleshoot Kerberos problems?
    Kerberos can be difficult to work with. We can help you troubleshoot your Kerberos issues.

Other Services

Python Programming

Need a Python program or library?
We have extensive Python experience and can provide high quality code that meets your requirements.

Root cause analysis

Do you have a bug you can’t pin down?
We’ve done root-cause analysis for bugs in numerous open source and proprietary products.


Does your team have training needs?
We can provide Linux, Python, and Centrify training for groups or indivduals, customized to your needs.